The Magic Ball


The magic ball deals with topics such as work, friendship, family, money, social life, love, motivation and much more. It is possible to make up to three readings per day.

The future is tomorrow

Many people try to predict the future. Let's have a quick look about this thematic.


The industry has been robotized for a while now. But it is not yet finished and it's getting a little more advanced every year. The more the progress, the more humans lose their utility in this area. But, sometimes, they are able to find new more qualified jobs. The latest inventions (in 2020, if I haven't updated this page in 10 years, all this may seem obsolete) are:

If you want to know more, one famous company in the robotic industry is Boston Dynamics. They often post new videos (sometimes funny, sometimes creepy) where innovating robots are involved.

To drive or not to drive

It may be possible that in a few years you can take a nap in your car while it is driving on its own. Driving may even be considered dangerous in a not too distant future. Personally I don't have a car and I generally use public transports which are already widely automated. For example, Line 1 of the Paris metro has no driver since December 2012.

The Magic Crystal Ball

Artificial intelligence

We talk a lot about them and they are everywhere these days. The ones that are most in contact with humans are those in your smartphone, like personal assistants that are increasingly sophisticated. But we don't yet have the ability to create intelligence that are equals to humans. The day when this will happen, will surely be a revolution because this AI will surely be able to evolve at very high speed, leaving us far away behind in a few minutes.


Perhaps there will come a time when Siberia will become the best tourist destination for summer vacation. I currently live in a very hot country where I use air conditioning every day. This may become a reality for everybody on earth in a few decades.

Don't forget that the hotter the weather is, the more Icebergs are melting. So, with the rising waters, it may be wise not to buy a house that is located on the coast at sea level 0.

Video games

No more keyboards or joysticks, now everything is brain-controlled. There may come a time when people won't be able to tell the difference between virtual and real.


Algorithms will be more accurate than doctors. Prevention will then be the basis of healthcare.


We will be able to connect to simulations more real than reality itself and certainly more exciting than everyday life. So reality will gradually disappear. Maybe we will experience it the way we're experiencing work right now.


The travel you will have to do at least one time in your life is an all-inclusive trip to Mars on a five stars hotel spacecraft with one hundred thousands cabins.


You won't have to shop anymore. Your fridge will know everything about you and will take care of ordering food for you.

The magic ball

With increasingly sophisticated algorithms and terabits of data about you, guessing what you're going to do tomorrow, or even what your mood will be today, might not be so complicated. But don't worry too much about the crystal ball, it is and will always remain hermetic and totally esoteric.