The love Ball

How to find love, about you

Learn to love yourself

This may sound like a bit of a strange advice. But, sadly, if you don't like yourself, it will be harder to attract people.

The question that probably comes to your mind is :
How do you learn to love yourself ?
I think you're going to have to figure that part out for yourself because I'm not a psychologist. All I know is that we have the possibility to change during our life.

Gain confidence

We live in a world of great competition at all levels of society. The media focus on the winners. The one who arrives first at 100-metre dash (after thousands of other runners have failed). The one who succeeded in his business when previously 1000 failed. The one who gets up at 04:26 in the morning to spend 2 hours at the gym before starting to work....

Elon Musk or Usain Bolt are exceptions.

So, be confident, in real life you will not be confronted with media stars. In real life people are normal, they are like you. On a cold morning, they just want to stay in bed...

Change your habits, you have nothing to lose

It sounds logical, but it's not that easy to do.
For example, if you have spent every Saturday night for the last 10 years with the same friends and you can't find love, that means you need to change your routine. I'm not telling you to change friends but to do different things sometimes. This will allow you to meet new people and maybe love.

You surely know the words "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" which is attributed to Einstein.

Be open,a logical advice

"You can catch more flies with sugar and honey than with vinegar"...
This sentence is clearly not from Einstein, but it also expresses some truth.

If you always sulk, people may run away from you. If you smile, you automatically become more welcoming. I know it's a bit sad when it is said that way...

The Love Crystal Ball

To say "yes"

It's 20:30 on a Friday night and you are watching NetFlix. You receive a message from a friend who asks you to join him at a party. You have two options:

In case n°1, nothing is going to happen.

In case n°2, you don't know what can happen to you.
Isn't this exciting?
You don't have to stay until the end. You can stay for an hour and, if you get bored, you go home and watch NetFlix again. There is not much to lose and love may be close.

Listen up, others also have a life

Everyone wants to hear your fantastic story about your last trip to Ecuador. But don't forget to listen to others.

Some interesting ways to meet new people and, maybe, love

Below you will find a list of things you can do to expand your circle of friends or meet love. Don't focus on finding love because making new friends will automatically bring you closer to this.

Dating applications

It's not really new anymore.
Tinder was in the news a few years ago, but after the usual criticisms in the beginning, dating apps have been able to seduce.

More and more couples are meeting through it. And even if you don't find love, meeting strangers can help you fight your shyness.

I have used dating apps and it is true that it simplifies everything. But in the long term it can be a bit depressing to see all those faces. It's good to use these apps in parallel with other activities and not to stay glued to them.

Quick tips:


Sport is generally an activity that is gendered. But it is also an activity where people are close. Looking for love is not just about looking for your mate but also about opening new doors and making new friends. The more people you get to know, the easier it will be to meet someone you like.


What do you like?

You surely have an interest that you can share with others.

Your friends, don't forget them

Don't forget your friends.
Haven't seen them in a while? This is exactly the reason you need to invite them to the restaurant.

The bars, even if you only drink lemonade

Here is a space that is supposed to facilitate meetings. Obviously, there are many kinds of bars. If you're a metal fan, your bar may be mostly male. If you love karaoke, then you might be surrounded by women.

You have your favorite spots ?
The idea is not to stop going there anymore because a sociological study has shown you that you won't have any chance with love in this place, but rather to vary and try other places.

Traveling, change your life for a moment

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable ways to meet new people.

One way to avoid being alone is to go to hostels. These types of establishments usually offer common areas where you can meet other travelers.

Try groups on the internet

Everyone knows Facebook, which has a feature that allows you to highlight upcoming events. I also regularly use, which is a platform where people can propose activities (usually free). Of course, living in a big city is a plus.

Work and travel, the new nomads

There are platforms that allow travelers to find a place to stay in exchange for 'volunteer' work. Generally you work between 4 and 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. In exchange, you are provided with accommodation and sometimes food.
This can be:

It is a very good way to meet people in a foreign country. The website has a lot to offer.

Take the dog out (or follow the cat!)

If you are lucky enough to have a dog and you live in the city, you will surely find places, parks, reserved for your best friend. I don't have a pet, but every time I pass a place reserved for them, it seems that the owners are very friendly.


Walking for hours with other people is a good way to make new friends. Whether you're a talker or an introvert, you're sure to find someone to listen to you or someone to listen to.

Yoga Class

No talking during the class... But afterwards, everyone can meet at a café.

Evening courses (or morning if you have time)

You want to learn to program in C++ or to speak Cambodian but you are busy during the day ? Try night classes and you'll win on two sides :

Wedding, don't be shy

Your friend Peter hates weddings and you approve... For a long-time single, watching two people seal their love can be depressing.

You're wrong.

This is one of the best places to meet the love of your life.

Protest, a way to meet people like yourself

An injustice affects you directly or indirectly ? It's time to protest !
You will be surrounded by like-minded people.

Dance Class

There is a dance for everyone. You can try salsa, tango, rock...

Love and life

Music, vocals, drums, guitar, there is no lack of instruments

Can you play the guitar or sing ?
It's time to create or join a band. Don't stress, you don't need to be gifted. There are many bands that bring together people of all levels.
I met my best friends playing in different bands (although I was not a very good musician). Playing music together creates a very strong connection.


There are all kinds of festivals. It can be a folk music festival in Texas, a sausage festival in Germany or a love festival in Ko Samui.
One thing is certain : People who go to a festival want to have fun.

Your neighbors

Your neighbors may be super nice. So don't hesitate to start a conversation in the elevator !
But there's a limit : Your neighbor lives next door, so it's best not to get angry.

Plan a party, and don't forget to invite me

When was the last time you had a party at your house ?
If your answer is more than 3 months ago, it might be time to send some messages.

Work at a coffee shop or co-working space

Maybe you're currently working from home and feel a bit lonely. Take your laptop under your arm and go to a café. You might meet some people. You can also work from a co-working space. A work atmosphere but without headaches.
Usually co-working spaces offer the first day for free so you can get an idea.

I hope you will find some of these ideas interesting and that you will succeed in finding love.