The answer ball


We all have questions that remain unanswered. This is the reason why the crystal ball was built. Wait a few seconds and the magic should happen.

The crystal ball reading :

Please ask a question

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The yellow crystall ball

The answer

First, it seems that nothing happen. It's because the online crystal ball has to connect with the universe and there is a small delay. But, little by little, if you come near the magic object, you will see like a wavering light. And finally a clear answer appear inside.

Try again.

The yes or no fortune teller has answered your question.

Don't hesitate to do more queries or to try your question in another way. The crystal ball is free to play and you can use it as many times as you want.

When to use the crystal ball ?

You may be wondering why you might use it. Here are some short example to give you some ideas.

Wake up

You wake up around 05:00 in the morning. You take a small breakfast (a coffee and two scrambled eggs). Then you go under the shower. 20 minutes after, you are ready. You look outside and it's still the night. It's impossible to know what the coming day is going to be like. It's spring and yesterday was cold and rainy, but the day before was dry and hot. You check quickly on your smart-phone for the weather forecasts, but they are totally unclear. What to do ? Wear a winter jacket and pants or just a shirt and shorts ?

The crystal ball can help you, just ask for a reading and you will get a direct answer (Note: We are not responsible if you catch a cold).

Crystal Ball results


It's now 5 months you are with your girlfriend and you really feel happy. But today she invited you to a painting exhibition. Here you are in the art gallery and everything looks really ugly. You don't know if it's because the painter seems to have the skills of a 5 years old boy or because the subject itself is terrible (picnic in December).

Your girlfriend is speaking with the artist, and they appear to be good friends. So you go to the buffet and ask for a glass of wine. You don't like the exhibition but the wine is good and it's free. Suddenly your girlfriend takes your arm and looks at you smiling. She asks you: "Do you like the paints ?". You feel cold shivers down your spine.

What to do ?

But that's not as simple because, maybe your sweetheart is just a friend of the painter but hate the painting. So she will think that your taste is really bad if you lie or that you are weak because nobody likes this.

You are in a trap but we have a solution. Just tell your girlfriend that you really want to have this discussion but you first need to go to toilets. Show the glass of wine as you say this to make all this more real. Once you are in the bathroom, quickly go to our website and ask the crystal ball what she thinks about the exposition. You're saved !

Birthday and readings

Tomorrow is Saturday. You just receive two messages at the same time. One is from your friend Anita, she invites you to her birthday. The other is from Clara, she invites you to her birthday too.
You are in a bad situation and you don't know what to do. Anita is very proud, if she finds out that you preferred to go to Clara's party, she'll hate you for life. But at the same time, Clara is a really good friend and you don't want to hurt her.

You spend one hour doing the pros and cons but in the end you are always undecided. Now, you are thinking about staying at home and watch a movie. You will just have to send a message, to your two friends, that explains that you are sick.

Don't do that !
You have to do something on Saturday night ! It's not good to stay alone at home. We have the solution: Ask the crystal ball. So if you have problem in the future with your friend, just explain the situation. Your friend will be angry at the crystal ball and not at you.

Crystal light 2