The crystall ball

The crystal ball reading

First take a deep breath and make your mind clear. must be such that the answer can be yes or no.

Ask the crystal ball

What is a crystal ball

It is a sphere most often made of glass but it can be of any material as long as it is translucent. The best results often appear with balls made of natural crystal (but which are more expensive). It is important that the sphere is homogeneous, i.e. that it does not contain air bubbles.
Its shape may be slightly elliptical, which can help prevent light reflections. A ball of a certain size may be more pleasant to use, but small ones (up to a radius of 1 centimeter) also work. Although the ball may be of different colors, the translucent ones are more suitable.

Why use the crystal ball ? Some examples

There are many reasons to use the magic sphere.

As you can see, there are many reasons to ask the magic ball readings. But you must be aware that it is just like playing heads or tails.

The crystall ball

Where to use the crystal ball ?

In its digital version, the crystal ball can be used on your smart-phone. That means that you can use it anywhere.

But be aware, don't use it while you are doing some dangerous activities, as driving a car (I know that you know !).

Privacy, it is important

We do not record the questions you ask to the crystal ball. In addition, your connection to our site is secure thanks to the https protocol. So you can feel totally free to ask any questions.

The 4 different crystal balls

You can find on this site, four different divination balls. Let's examine them in more detail.

The Crystal Ball

It is the original ball. You can ask it with one or more questions and it will instantly answer by "YES" or "NO".

The Magic Ball

This ball is a bit more talkative. Just click on it and you will immediately get a prediction. This one can concern all aspects of life and should give you an indication about the day to come.

The Love Ball

She is specialized in the field of love.
This world is unfortunately not always the most joyful and welcoming. So we have to find something to hold on to. Love is a strong power that can connect us for the best. That's why everyone wants to participate and learn more. Click on the Love Crystal Ball and you will access a prediction in the area of heart.

The Magic 8 Ball

This is the famous black ball that must be shaken to receive a prediction. You will find here its online version.

The space crystall ball