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The free crystal ball reading

In the past, many people questioned the Crystal Ball. Here are some of them.

The crystal ball readings during the past

12 January 1979

A young girl, Rebeca, is in love with a young man, Jim. She asks the crystal ball:

- My dear crystal ball, do you think it's a good idea to tell Jim that I'm in love with him ?

The crystal ball reading is:

- Yes.

So the young lady mets the young man and tells him about her love. Unfortunately, Jim is already in couple with Maria, another girl.

One month later, Rebeca is in love with another guy, Antonio. She asks the crystal ball about what to do:

- Crystal ball, do you think that maybe I could speak to Antonio about my love?

The crystal ball says:

- Yes.

So Rebeca goes to Antonio's house and tells him about the fact she is in love. The man explains her that he is gay.

The crystal ball heart

Two months later, Rebeca is again in love with a new man, John. She asks the Crystal ball in these terms:

- Crystal ball, twice you told me to do things and at the end I felt stupid. This time, please don't make me crazy and tell me the true. Do you think i can talk about my love to John ?

The crystal ball replies:

- Yes.

So the young woman goes to John's shop (he is working in a grocery), looks at him in the eyes, open her mouth and lets the words explain her love. One minute later, John is kissing Rebeca.

They lived old with lot's of children.

23 march 1981

A man named John hears about the crystal ball readings. At this time he has a problem: All his life he stayed at the same level at his work. Now he is 40 year's old and wants a better job and life, he wants to feel free. But he is really afraid of changes. Even if he has concrete project he can't decide. So he goes to ask the crystal ball:

- Do you think I need to change my work ?

The answer is simple:

- Maybe.

So John goes back to his house with a strange feeling. First he thinks that the crystal ball is useless and he is now in the same troubles than before. But, nevertheless, he keeps thinking about the answer...

Suddenly he understands that there is another way than yes or no.

His other project is to open a grocery store, so he could work the day and open the grocery store between 18:00 and 22:00. It will be a bit tiring at the beginning, but he could do it for six months as to know if it is working.

Seven months later, John has left his job and works full day at his grocery store.

The crystal ball heart again

16 june 1982

Victor S. has a toothache but he is really afraid of dentist. This feeling is coming from when he was just a little kid. He was eating a lots of candies. And what had to happen finally happened, he had a tooth decay. His mother brought him to the dentist and it was horrible. The dolor was so strong that he bitted the doctor's fingers. You can imagine that the mother was really upset and the poor little boy was forbidden to go out from his bedroom for one week.

So Victor is trying to find a reason to not cure his tooth. That's why he goes to ask the crystal ball.

He says "Do you think that I need to go to the dentist?". And the magic ball replies: "No".

Why this answer? Maybe because the crystal ball is feeling too much empathy some times.

You can imagine that Victor is really happy. He comes back to his house and, to celebrate this, he eats a big piece of chocolate cake. But like when he was a young boy, what had to happen finally happened. Four days later, the cavity is so painful that this time he doesn't have any other choice. So he goes to the dentist. It is 30 minutes totally horrible. But at the end of the operation he is feeling good again.

Remember that the crystal ball is just an indication and follow your common sense please !

The crystal ball has talked

Because there's always something to say, even if it's untrue. Don't miss the free readings.