A complicated story

Peter B. is just a normal man. He has a good job where he spends the most of his time. He practices tennis to stay fit. He likes to read science fiction books and watch documentaries as to cultivate himself. It's now about three months he is dating a young woman, Jennifer M., and they live together a simple love. They often meet on the weekend. They usually go to the countryside as to forget for a moment the craziness of Berlin.

A change

In the beginning of this year, Peter's boss offers him a salary increment. In exchange, He will have to spend ten days every month in Paris. The choice is not very difficult to do, he accepts without thinking too much.

Time goes and everything is going very well for Peter who is now used to his new habits. But an event is going to change everything.

The corporate party

On the 16th June, he is invited to a corporate party in the French capital. The banquet is really pleasant and Peter consumes a bit too much champagne. Then he begins to speak with a beautiful woman, Ariana T., a young executive secretary from Amsterdam. She is new in the company and new in Paris too. They are talking together and, minutes after minutes, they discover they have a lot of things in common. Everything is going so good that without realizing it, they spend almost the entire evening together. When the event ends, Richard is so happy that he offers his new friend to go for a jog together at the end of the week (This sport practice is one of their common hobbies).

Happen what has to happen, on their third date (at theater for a romantic movie where everything ends well at the end) they begin to flirt. This is how Peter ended up with two girlfriends.

The first days, he doesn't really think about it. But time is passing and the situation begin to get complicated. The true is that he is not polygamous, and he is not a liar. So, a few days later, the problem amplifies so much for his usually normal life that he lost sleep. The choice is impossible, he has feelings for the two girls.

The magic crystal ball

One day, after work, while sharing a beer with a friend, Stephen, Peter explains his situation. The friend can't help him and they both are in a logical dead end. But suddenly he has an idea. He knows a person, in an old neighborhood in south Paris, who owned a crystal ball. They could ask it about this difficult subject. The two friends decide of an appointment at the end of the week to try this new possibility.

Crystal Ball Angel

Readings and more

The two friends stand in front of a house that looks like a haunted one. It seems like the gardener died 10 years before. A black cat is pretending to sleep behind a dirty window. Peter is no longer sure he wants to continue the adventure. But Stephen notices that they did not do all this trip for nothing. Two hours of traffic were worth a little effort. Anyway there was nothing to lose (well, almost, because a question to the crystal ball has a cost).

So they finally decide to ring the strange house bell. A small man with a white mustache and round glasses open the door. He is not talkative and, having been informed of the visit of the two friends a few days earlier by phone, he doesn't ask question and introduced them directly into a room with closed shutters. The light is just coming from a candle. It is possible to distinguish in the center of the room a round table on which is placed an object covered with a white fabric.

The three guys approach and the host discover the crystal ball. For a second, Peters thinks he can see a glow inside but it faded before he is sure. The small man explains the rules: Only one question at a time, the question has to be formulated in such a way as to accept an affirmative or negative answer, the price is 5€ per essay.

There is like a short silence. Peter is feeling a bit shy and doesn't really know what to think about all this. But soon the magic object owner shows some impatience and says that has other things to do.

So Peter empties his mind waiting for creativity and finally says:
- Should I stay with Jennifer ?
Inside the crystal ball appears a reply.
- Yes.

The answer is a bit too short. Our protagonist wants to know more.
- Should I stay with Ariana ?
- Yes.

This two predictions seem to be contradictory. Peter thinks a bit more and ask again.
- Should I keep flirting with the two women ?
- No.

It seems that this object is a hoax. The man looks at his friend and told him that this leads nowhere. A little nervous, he gives 15€ and begins to leave. But the host, keeping is calm and accustomed to the crystal ball answers, says:
- Sometimes we don't ask the right question, and sometimes we don't hear the right answer.

Life goes on

The next day, Peter wants to decompress. Between the problems at work and his sentimental life, his brain is under pressure. He is in a trap and doesn't know how to get out of it. That's why he decides to meet a friend in a trendy Paris pub. This one doesn't come alone, he is accompanied by two pretty ladies. The small group drink beers together a part of the night, discussing about everything and nothing. There is something special going on between our hero and one of the girls, Megan. It's like there's electricity in the air, so much that at one moment the two others notice it and laugh about it. Obviously at the end of the night, the phone numbers are exchanged with the pretext of visiting a museum, an activity they have in common.

A week later Richard and Megan are flirting on a bench in Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. It seems that they are made the one for the other. The connection they feel is so strong that it is like a first time.

Three days pass and Peter decides to break up with Jennifer and Ariana. In one way, he thinks that now he better understand the crystal ball answers. But from another angle he thinks that it was only nonsense.

Love and Destiny

You would like to know your future about love, to know what will happen to you in the next few years. But then it means that you believe in some kind of destiny. And maybe you're right. But you have to remember that you can influence your world by yourself. So, it's a very good idea to ask the crystal ball about love, but it's even better to set up activities that will help you in that way.

If you stay home alone and never go out, your love destiny may be a little flat. You need to meet people, make friends. Here is a list of activities that will help you do that.

Remember: Don't say 'No'.