Lets try the crystal ball

Maybe you think that the crystal ball tell the truth or maybe you think that it is not the case. The best way to know it is to try it !

Some simple questions to begin

To start I'm going to ask some normal things, same as everybody does.

- Do you think I'm going to fall in love next month ?

- Certainly.

It is the answer I was waiting for. It's now around 3 months I'm single. And to tell you the true, I begin to feel a bit lonely. My ex-girlfriend was somebody really nice. She was smart, interesting and beautiful. She was always motivated to go to a concert, an exhibition or simply for a walk. So now I really miss somebody.

One month before I was not able to meet someone again. This last love was really too close. But now, I think I'm like a new person and I'm able to build again a relationship. I feel in a good mood to go for a drink tonight.

Let's try another simple and general question to the crystal ball.

- Do you think I'm going to make lots of money this year ?

- I will say yes.

I'm very lucky. I'm not sure what I have to do as this to happen but I'm working actually on a project that could maybe bring me some cash. It's sad but it seems to me that I always need more. Maybe it is the reality of the middle class.

Let's try for real

As you can notice, I don't know the answers of these questions. So I will not able to know if they are true until a time. Now, I'm going to ask the online crystal ball things that I can check in real time.

Crystal ball 01

- Is somebody going to ring the bell in the next 2 minutes ?

- Yes.

I'm going to eat some potato chips and I come back.

¤¤¤ Five minutes later ¤¤¤

It's totally crazy, my neighbor came to ask me some salt ( It's 12:10 and time to make meal for normal people ). I don't know what to think. Is it a simple coincidence ? I mean, if I asked the opposite question and the crystal ball was true, it was a bit normal. But in the present case it's a bit crazy. I really feel a bit exited now.

It's now the end of a football game, Argentina vs Brazil. I didn't watch it, let's ask the crystal ball about the result.

- Did Brazil won ?

- No.

I'm going to search for the result on Internet... That's true ! Argentina won 3-1.

I'm beginning to believe the free crystal ball. Let's try with a mad question :

- Am I going to die in the next 10 minutes ?

- Certainly.

I feel bad now.

¤¤¤ twenty minutes later ¤¤¤

I'm still alive. I was really convinced that it was the end for me, so I made lots of stupid things. First I ate the enormous chocolate cake that was in my fridge that was normally for my cousin's birthday. He is going to hate me. After I put the music on really loud with my favorite song (If I have to die, better do it in music). Then I began to jump all over my apartment. I hope my neighbors were not at home. Then I noticed the horrible paint that my mother offered me for my birthday and I slashed it until it was in tatters. I don't know what I can do, maybe if I use tape I will be able to fix it. To finish, I phoned my ex-girlfriend to told her that I still love her but fortunately she didn't reply. Unfortunately I left a message. I stopped this craziness when I saw that 19 minutes had already passed.

Let me calm down. It seems that the online crystal ball is not always accurate. I really feel stupid now. But I'm going to continue with this test.

- Are you telling the true ?

- No.

Better next time I think before asking a question. Now I try to understand the answer. If the crystal ball doesn't say the true and reply no, that means that it says the true... Sorry, I'm a bit lost and I don't want to think too much. Let's try something else.

- Is my name James ?

- Yes.

My name is Edward.

- Am I 90 years old ?

- Maybe.

I'm only 34 years old, a 'maybe' reply is not possible.

- Am I a girl ?

- I will say yes.

Sometimes I feel like the female part of myself is huge but I'm a man.

I'm going to ask a less entertaining question now:

- Will I be able to quit smoking in the next days ?

- Yes.

I am reassured and that gives me more motivation. It's something very hard to do. It's now about two months I try to stop. Little by little I smoke less, and like a fool I start again. The main problem is when I party. I drink some beers and then unconsciously I light one. Then in the morning everything has to be done again. I need to concentrate and to play sport often. In the past I was able to stop during five months. If you think I was stupid to do it again, you are totally right. It happened a day I was really stressed.

Note: If you ask this question or a similar one to the crystal ball online and it replies "No", don't listen ! It is obvious that your health is more important than a simple game on Internet.

The common query

- Will the weather be good tomorrow ?

- Not really.

Let's check on Google to get the information now.

It will normally be sunny, between 27°C and 19°C. Maybe the crystal ball comes from Greenland and likes cold and snow but for me this is totally my optimum weather.

The true is that I like when it's heavy raining and there are lightnings and thunders. The sound is so cool, like if you are in a metal concert. But one day is enough, after the magic disappears. When I was in England there was a crazy hailstorm. It's amazing to see this ice blocks falling from the sky. But at the same time it can be a disaster for farmers.

I speak too much, let's try a new question, something a bit strange this time.

- Is it a good idea that I dye my hair in red ?

- For sure !

I see that the crystal ball thinks I have to change my style. I will think about it the next time I go to my hairdresser.

The true is that this question was not so crazy. Let me try to find one a bit more extravagant.

- Can I cook broccoli with chocolate ?

- Certainly.

I'm going to my kitchen and I come back to give you my opinion.

...2 Hours later...

Maybe I'm not a good chef but it was not a success. The worst was to clean the frying pan.

When I was digesting I thought about something. Let's ask the crystal ball again.

- Do I have to start up again a rock band ?

- I don't know.

The crystal ball seems to be as convinced as I am... I was playing guitar and some times singing when I was younger in a band. But now there's something telling me to not do it again...

Let's try now to confront the crystal ball with the future of technology.

- Elon Musk, by the way of SpaceX, will send humans on Mars around 2025 ?

- Yes.

It seems that the magic ball believe in this guy and his company. By the way, we will know the reality of this only in some years. The only thing I can be sure at nearly 100% is that I will not be part of the travel. I'm not super rich and I'm not a very smart scientist.

The medium temperature on mars is around -65°C. A bit cold to go for a walk. But the gravity is three times less than on earth. This can be really fun, like being able to make huge jumps.


Obviously, you understood it, this funny story is a fabrication.

Maybe there's a part of fate in our life but there's a part of what you do too.

If you want more money the only way I know is to work. Yes it is sad. If you know another way, feel free to use the contact page to inform me. I will be really grateful.

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So you can believe in destiny but you can also help it.