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The dowsing pendulum answers all your questions live. has to be such that the answer can be yes or no.

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how to use a pendulum for a yes or no reading ?

Actually, the pendulum is the most popular divining tool. And there's a reason : It's very easy to use. You don't need to study before like for Tarot cards reading and you don't have to be a medium or have a particular gift.
The divination pendulum can be used in different ways. Below we are going to focus on the ability to answer a question by yes or no.

  • First attach the pendulum to the chain. Then you have to hold it between your thumb and index finger. Choose a position with your hand such that the pendulum hangs freely and that you feel comfortable.
  • If your pendulum is already moving, use your free hand to block it and then let it free again.
  • Before you make your first question, you have to ask the pendulum about the codes it's going to use. First request it to indicate the 'Yes'. The pendulum should start to rotate in one direction. Stop it and now ask for the 'No' to make sure you really understand each other. It should start to rotate in the other direction.
    Generally, when the pendulum turns clockwise, it corresponds to a positive response. But I've already been in cases that it was the opposite. In addition, the same pendulum can use a code during one session and change it the next one.
    In any case, this initialization phase allows you to concentrate and tune into your divinatory object.
  • You can now ask your first question. The pendulum should start swinging to answer you. If it doesn't start moving (which is quite rare), you are faced with an unanswered question.
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Why is the pendulum oscillating ?

This is not a legend, the pendulum is really oscillating, and not always in the same direction. There are then different explanations.

  • The scientific explanation : The movement would be produced by an unconscious muscular action. This phenomenon is known as the ideomotor effect. This hypothesis is often associated with the unconscious. That is to say that we would have the capacity to question it through these micro-movements.
  • Radiesthesia : In the case of searching for underground water sources, oil or minerals, the theory is that we have the ability to feel certain radiations and the pendulum would allow us to amplify the phenomenon.
    Scientific experiments have been conducted on this subject and have never been able to demonstrate the veracity of this theory.
    But dowser is a profession that still exists in our countryside.
    In addition, it is true that in the animal world, certain abilities are astonishing. For example, carrier pigeons finding their way home. There is also the case of animals that know in advance that an earthquake will occur. Finally, it is true that in the animal world, knowing where to find water is essential otherwise an imminent death.

Is the pendulum reliable ?

From what we said in the previous paragraph, the pendulum could be reliable if we question it in relation to something that our unconscious knows or can decipher. Let's check the different cases trying to use a logical argumentation :

  • Answering a yes or no question would be possible only if you indirectly know the answer yourself. For example, if you ask 'Will I sleep well this night ?', you may receive a reliable answer. However, it makes no sense to ask if number 3 will be the first number in tomorrow's lottery draw.
    A paradox is that knowing an answer in advance can potentially change the future.
  • Discovering an underground water source may be possible if your unconscious mind deciphers your environment better than you do. For example : You don't notice it but the grass is greener in some places, which indicates the presence of water. Or, there's certain kind of plant that tend to grow on wet soils.
    The shaman's knowledge of nature is real and still partly mysterious.
  • Communicate with your dog or your cat: This seems logically impossible, unless your subconscious is better at interpreting the behavior of your pet than “yourself”. So, you wouldn't really communicate directly with your dog, but you would ask your subconscious if it has noticed anything in particular.
    But I'm not sure that even the sharpest subconscious can decipher a cat's behavior 😅

The limits.

In the case you are looking for an underground water source, the pendulum may not be the best tool. This comes from a simply practical reason : it can be difficult to use it while walking or in bad weather conditions. Then, it will be easier to use a divining rod.

Is the online pendulum really accurate?

The online pendulum is based on random. So the answers have no real reason to be particularly accurate (no more than a tarot reading). But there are still some cases where he could actually give you the right answer. Let's analyze one in particular : The assumption that we are living in a simulation.
It's not a new theory, the myth of Plato's Cave could be the first time it had been expressed. More recently, movies like 'Matrix' interrogate our conception of reality. The more our technology progress, the more this hypothesis seems credible. Don't forget that when we sleep and start dreaming, we are in a kind of simulation.
So the online pendulum could be a way to communicate with the intelligence that manages the simulation. But, the following questions can still be asked :

  • Why would this AI answer us ?
  • If it does : is there any reason it should tell us the truth ? (If we are in a simulation, then the AI is already lying to us to some degree)
  • Is it able to answer everything, especially questions about the future ? Another way to say it is : 'do we have a destiny in this simulation ?' or 'does the simulation have a destiny ?' and 'are we in control of our own future ?' and finally 'is the simulation in control of it own future ?'


In the beginning and the middle of the 20th century the pendulum (more generally a forked rod) was a famous tool. Here are some newspaper articles referring to it.


Our goal is not to take sides (Pro or Against) the use of the pendulum (or more generally a divining rod) but to offer you an original and interesting documentation for those who are curious so that you can form your own opinion.