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The free crystal ball reading

In the past, many people questioned the Crystal Ball. Here are some of them.

The crystal ball readings during the past

12 January 1979

A young girl, Rebecca, was in love with a young man, Jim.

She asked the crystal ball:

"My dear crystal ball, do you think I need to tell Jim that I'm in love with him ?"

The crystal ball reading was:


So the young lady met the young man and told him about her love.

Unfortunately, Jim was already in couple with Maria, another girl.


One month later, Rebecca was in love with another guy, Antonio.

She asked the crystal ball about what could she do:

"Crystal ball, do you think that maybe I could speak to Antonio about my love?"

The crystal ball said:


So Rebecca went to Antonio's house and told him about the fact that she was in love.

The man explain her that he was gay.

The crystal ball heart

Two months later, Rebecca was again in love with a new man, John.

She asked the Crystal ball in these terms:

"Crystal ball, twice you told me to do things and at the end I felt stupid. This time, please don't make me crazy and tell me the true. Do you think i can speak about my love with John ?".

The crystal ball reply:


So Rebecca went to John's work, looked at him in the eyes, opened her mouth and let the words explain her love.

One minute later, John was kissing Rebecca.

They lived old with lot's of children.

23 march 1981

A man named John heard about the crystal ball reading.

At this time he had a problem : All his life he stayed at the same level at his work.

Now he was 40 year's old and wanted a better job and life. But he was afraid of changes.

So he went to ask the crystal ball and asked :

"Do you think I need to change my work ?"

The answer was simple :


So John went back to his house with a strange feeling.

First he thought that the crystal ball was useless and he was now in the same problem than before.

But he kept thinking about this answer...

Suddenly he understood that there was another way than yes or no.

His other project was to open a grocery store, so he could work the day and open the grocery store between 18:00 and 22:00.

It will be a bit tiring at the beginning, but he could do it for six months as to know if it was working.

Seven months later, John was leaving his job and was working all the day at the grocery store.

The crystal ball has talked

Because there's always something to say, even if it's false.

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