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The free crystal ball reading

The crystal ball is coming from the past to read the future, because the future cannot exist without the past and the past is useless without future.

The crystal ball beginning

The crystal ball discovery : 1798

Two English explorers discovered it in Africa during an expedition, in a cave which had not been visited by men for centuries. The explorers brought it back to England as well as other objects as masks and grigri. Our two friends did not know that the crystal ball had magic powers as readings and simply let it take the dust in their shop during the years.

The man who will reveal the crystal ball power

A collector known as Lord Donlon, went into the explorers shop in the 1808 year, exactly the March 13th. His look was first attracted by a strange necklace with feathers, but approaching he saw that it was chicken feathers, and lost interest.

Then he saw a panel with enigmatic inscriptions, but by looking a bit more closely he could decipher them and it meant in an old Celtic language:'Please close the door after using'. Certainly a panel to hang above the latrine door.

Finally, he noticed something at the back of the room and his experience did not deceive him: he had never seen something like that. This crystal ball seemed to come from a different universe.

The collector asked the price and bought it.

The crystal shoe

The crystal ball magic power

Lord Donlon went back home and put the crystal ball on a table. His first gesture is to take a rag to clean all the dust. What a surprise, in passing the rag on the crystal he saw a kind of light inside.

Our Lord's heart made a jump! Witchcraft! What is that !

He tried again and the light became more important and formed an image inside of the ball. This image was Laura's face, a friend whom he had not seen for 7 years.

The crystal ball has talked

Lord Fotokutuc felt a kind of fever. He sat down in an armchair and drunk a whiskey glass in one shot. That was a strange experience, it was hard to believe it.

Five minutes later after the stress and excitement, the Lord was going to get up from his armchair, and at this moment he heard knocking at the door.

He went to open it and you can imagine his surprise when he discovered her friend Laura.

The crystal ball pink

The crystal ball free

Now on internet

It's now virtual and online. It's a free random reading game you can play as many times you want.